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Flat unleavened wheat bread stuffed with a spicy potato filling, and deep/shallow fried in appalling amounts of butter. Excellent for sending anyone's cholesterol levels into the stratosphere. Beloved food item of the Punjab, and it has now become a favourite all over the subcontinent, leading to various "Parantha Points" springing up all over the place.

These delightfully unhealthy morsels can be devoured at any time of the day, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Must be accompanied by aam da achaar and some form of curd to be fully enjoyed. In Punjab, a young bride's love for her husband is judged by how much butter she lathers onto his aloo paranthas.

Acceptable way to show appreciation for a great aloo parantha is to rub the tummy and bring forth a gargantuan belch from the depths.

The best ones are to invariably be found in roadside dhabas along the Punjab-Delhi highway, or in kitchens of Punjabi homes.


Trying to eat aloo paranthas with sambhar-chutney is the dead giveaway of an ABCD.
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