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In Maharashtra, if you possess, consume or transport alcohol without the alcohol permit, you are liable to pay ₹10000 and/or spend upto 6 months in jail.
Often when claims of ashleel harkat and drug abuse and obscenity fall flat, the highly esteemed Bombay police, (generally known for their total competence in everything ever) is known to invoke a 1000 years or so old law to arrest and harass people anyways.
You can buy yourself this licence from some places (google it, dude!) and it is comparatively cheap, like ₹5 for a one day permit to ₹1000 or so for a life long permit.

The state of Gujarat, too has its own version, where apparently only people from outside Gujarat can drink if they have a return ticket out of that state or something after they apply for a permit.


Repoter - Sirji, all the blood sample reports have come in and they conclude that none of the patrons had any illegal substances in their blood and the restaurant had procured all the permits necessary while they were not breaking any laws including the 10:00 pm noise curfew. What are your plan of action now?

Sri Vasant Dhoble sahab ji - None of the guests had alcohol permits so we are going to throw them into jail.

Repoter - What a stroke of genius! Where are you going now sirji?

Sri Vasant Dhoble sahab ji - I am on VVIP duty today, have to go stand guard outside a lunch meeting between Sri Pawar, Sri Thakray, Sri Kalmadi and Sri Deshmukh.

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