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\eh-vee (the n is sort of breathed into the word, not actually pronounced)\
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Used to describe something said/done just because, like that only, without any reason, sometimes without even realizing it.

(Note, there might actually be a reason involved -- but ainvayi is like a filler word, sort of like "whatever"... If fobbed off with that answer, it may be worth investigating further.)

The term has been made famous by its use in a peppy Yash Raj Films song.


1. Tara: Uff, that Rahul fellow is always singing some or other old Hindi song. Ainvayi! It's so irritating.

2. Sunita to her friend Radhika: Why did you break off with Sunil, man? He was so nice!
Radhika: Ainvayi, dude.
Sunita: Arre? Just? You think hot guys grow on trees or what? Who's going to marry you if you continue in this manner?
Radhika: No, yaar, all the time he was touching me like anything, so tharki. It was like dating some naughty Indian uncle, thatandoldontask! By God, it was too much!

3. Nikita: Why did the Surd cross the road with some makkhan in hand? To get to the butter chicken on the other side! (laughs uproariously at her own PJ)
Ritika: Oh, God, ainvayi you are maaroing Bak-Bak!

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