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The most probable cause and effect assigned by Indians to bad fortune (picchle janam may main ne kuch kiya hoga, is liye aaj bhugatna pad raha hai) or that the effect of a misdeed will definitely be reaped in the next janma (agle janam mein woh gadha banega), since in this janam you are making merry despite your corrupt ways. This is one way we Indians console ourselves when things don't go the way we want them to or when we can't explain why things happen a certain way. Variations are found in every language. Phrase is also used to show humility when you accomplish something great (Hindina janma da punya irbeku, adakke IIT Exam nali first bande, and friends will go "what a humble guy" and nod approvingly). This thinking is deeply rooted in the Hindu belief of Karma and Rebirth but most Indians of every religion probably believe in it.


Toone us kutte ko accident mein maar diya, agle janam mein tu kutta banega.
Mai apne pichle janam ka kiya bhugat raha hoon.
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