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Boy do we love our mothers. "Mere paas gadi hai, banglaw hai, bank balance hai... Tumhare paas kya hai?" Response: "Mere pass Ma hai" perhaps the biggest kadde delivered on screen, resting solely on the power of the love we have for our mothers.

Cut to, autorickshaw driver in a tattered uniform pant, red floral print shirt, aviator Roy Bons, and three to four gold chains (costume jewelry), sitting sideways in the front of his rik so he can sight-adi the ladice that are his fare. He might have a black light installed at the back of his rik and Kannada rap blaring on his specially installed speakers (a rare and lucky find in an auto)...

Notwithstanding the fashion debacle and Road Side Romeo aspirations, the rear canvas exterior of his chariot will proudly proclaim: "Above Mother There Is No Other"


Pimp My Auto Sales Rep: Saar, latest sticker has arrived saar, specially today. "Above God, Only Mother. Above Mother, No Other". Shall I paste it?
Shivajiganesh: Hmm... do you have something more subtle?
PMA Sales Rep: "Above Mother There Is No Other" is very popular saar, but many are having. You take new one, peoples will like.
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