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Popular rhyme sung by little girls in Delhi when playing an intricate game of clapping. Somewhat nonsensical, but that's what it makes it so much fun.

The game always ends with the girls trying to thwack each other on the head, in time with the word 'Ganja', which means 'bald'. The first one to do it wins and walks away with a triumphant grin.

Normally played between two girls while others watch. A single mistake in either the clapping sequence or the wordings of the rhyme requires that the girl making the mistake stop and allow the next girl to try her hand at completing the rhyme flawlessly.


Wordings of the rhyme :

Aao melo shelo shaalo,
kachha dhaaga, race lagalo,

das pattey torrey,
ek patta kachha,
hiran ka bachha,

hiran gaya paani mein,
pakra uski nani ne,
naani ko lagi laat,
chal paree baarat,

baarat mein do bachey,
samose khao saste,
paani piyo thanda,
sarr pe maro danda,

sarr se nikla khoon,
karo telephoon,
telephoon mein taar nahi,
hum tumhare yaar nahi,

yaar gaye Dilli,
wahaan se laye billi,
billi ne maara panja,
dada go gaya GANJA!!!

*Ferocious head thwacking ensues*

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