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It simply means : You've spent twice as much as you've earned.

This Indian phrase was very popular in the first half of the previous century, but was lost to successive generations of Indians once the aanna was phased out. It was inevitably part of the sermon given to spendthrifts and compulsive shoppers who consistently refused to live within their means.

Today, it survives in the lexicons of many senior citizens, who often use it to lecture their spoilt grandchildren, not realising that eng persons today have no idea what an aanna is.

Trivia for all curious cats : 8 aannas or 'atthanni' is equal to half a rupee.


*Grandpa is scolding his teenage grandson for constantly asking for more money*

Grandpa : "You kids think money grows on trees!"

Grandson : "Oho Nanaji, relax. I just need a new cellphone. What's the big deal if Papa pays for it? I spent my pocket money on treating my friends this month. And last month my girlfriend wanted to see a movie in gold class."

Grandpa : "That's exactly your problem. Aamdani atthanni, kharcha rupaiya."

Grandson : "Eeeeh? Who is this atthanni now? Oho! She was one of your old girlfriends is it?" *winks knowingly*

Grandpa : "BESHARAM!"

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