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Could be translated as mango man in Hindi but keeping in mind the anti-corruption fever, for time being we translate aam aadmi as common man only to avoid any possible blasphemy against the cause.
The Indian aam aadmi has a very erratic and self-contradictory deposition.He gets very impulsive when he reads about corruption scams in local newspapers and wants to join the anti corruption movement on the spot but at the very next moment he attains a boner seeing malikka Sherawat(A hollywood actress) wearing Nagin costume when he turns to page three.And the very next day he bribes the Traffic police to allow him to wear a Strapless helmet.
Unemployed aam aadmi's join anti-corruption boisterous rallies for free food channelized by opportunistic demagogues driven my dogmatic doctrines in a pseudo democratic dystopia where open minded people sell Nehru caps and Reshma Aunties enjoy breaking news warming theirs Sofa's.


aam aadmi 1:aaj kal corruption bahut bad gaya hai ,humein kuch karna chahiye
aam aadmi 2:haan yaar.Period.Arey! woh dekh Reshma Aunty!aur unkey bablay(boobies) ja rahe hai.
aam admi 1:bwahahahaha

(Translation: "Corruption has gotten bad. We SHOULD do something about it."

"But there goes a woman with a nice rack."


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