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Aaai Ga

\No rocket science here\
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Exclamation. March 27, 2012, Word of the Day


You would not have enjoyed an Indian cricket telecast if you did not hear this moan by Nayan "Aai Ga" Mongia on every ball when Kumble was bowling..... Oh yes, some fans, would run away after the match ended with the stump microphones, in the grand belief that without it, they wont have to listen to it again.

But mere mortals like you and me, we use it convey anguish, despair, pity, empathy, emotions and what not....

And those who are the language police use it to call out their moms...
After all, it simply means "Mom...."


A cricket match is going on....
Kumble to batsman: no run, batsmen defending the ball on frontfoot with full face of the bat...
Mongia to stump "AAAAAAAIIIIII GGGGaaaa"

Raju: Ram bhau, waaat hapend??? wy u so sad
Rambhau: Locha.... Aai Ga... wat to do now...

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