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The French have their wine; the Belgians have their beer; the Russians have their Vodka and the Indians have their "water, no ice".

In certain regions, this national drink is also referred to as water at room temperature

The origins of this drink are linked to the inability of people of the Indian subcontinent to consume liquids at temperatures below 19 degrees C (66.2 F).


Waiter: Would you like anything to drink?
Charles: I'll have a Diet Coke.
Vanessa: I'll have the red Wine, please.
Morgan: A Bud Lite for me.
Murugan: I have a question... this "tropical sunrise", does it contain alcohol?
Waiter: Yes it does, but it can be made without the Rum if you'd like.
Murugan: ...
Murugan: Actually I'll just have water, no ice
Waiter: would you like a slice of lemon in that?
Murugan: no, no. Just water, no ice.
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