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UB City is a large Bangalore's based commercial property project. Pioneered by the chairman of United breweries Group, Vijay Mallya, it is built on 13 acres of land and hosts 1,000,000 sq ft of commercial, retail and service apartment space. Its architecture includes a miniature rip off of the empire state building (known as the Smallya) and is said to reflect inversely what Dr. Mallya might think of himself. The murals within the mall are imitations of 16th century Venetian art , a time known for it excessive consumption and profligacy.


POMO chick: Its so sick what America is doing to the world
POMO 2: Didnt your parents send you to study there and arent you trying to marry that new yorker investment banker chap ?
POMO chick: well yes, but only because i think i can make a difference to both the country and that banker.
POMO2: So kind and giving of you! let me call for the driver and lets go to UB city. I hear the decor is wonderful.
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