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They make up the civil society of India or more specifically the core committee of your country's society. Made up of:

0. Sri Anna Hazare, (hero no. 1).
1. Sri Arvind Kejriwal
2. Srimati Kiran Bedi
3. Sri Shanti Bhushan
4. Sri Prashant Bhushan

The news wallahs who love adding the word 'Team' in front of any group of people, have done just that to legitimize this grouping of people.

Characteristics of the members include but not limited to, annoying voices, loud voices, self righteousness, love to face tv cameras, raman magasay awards, running NGOs financed by the Ford Foundation, hatred for the Indian National Congress, fasting, hatred for corruption and lack of political accountability.

The members are fighting for a universally accepted notion of corruption free India.


Miss - So, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Chunnu - Miss, I want to be a member of Team Anna!
Miss - Why?
Chunnu - Why not? they don't seem to have any jobs, preach to the public, ungli the government, are high fliers, have Z security, the media loves them and have huge entourages!

Ramdev Baba and Swami Agnivesh - Can we come in?
Team Anna - LOL!

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