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Train Ticket Examiner.

You have almost everything you want for a fun-filled night journey; a friend, the-not-allowed-on-the-train-alcohol, iPod, magazines, sudoku, biriyani, air-pillow, kambal. But you have no berth. You wait and wait and wait for the TTE, like you never ever did even for your dau.

The TTE determines how your life will be this night and until you get off in town. Isn't this night the extension of all your life till now? Isn't it something that telescopes into all time to come here forth? Wouldn't you love to make it bearable if not outright comfortable?

So you wait. So you pray. So you grin ear to ear and say "Good evening SSIRR." You use your multilingual skills. You speak to him in Tamil, or Hindi, or Telugu, in whichever language you overheard him speak comfortably with the other passengers.
You behave like how you behave with a BDA babu handling site allotments.

You hint an offer of a fifty-buck note through the terrylene of your shirt pocket.
You are oblivious to all the sexy chicks in the bogey until after you get your coveted berth or RAC from the omnipotent man, TTE.

By the way,what is your wait list number? 83? I hate you like I would hate my lover's lover. Mine is 84. Get lost!


You to the TTE: "Sir please give me a berth, I am going for an interview. Sir, my uncle is a TTE too."

TTE: "What's your uncles name? On which route does he work?"

You: "Er... er, Sambasivam is his name sir, He er... er... works on..... ( you belt out a made up route that doesn't exist!)"

TTE: "Oh, I see", he draws close to your ear and whispers, " 500 or get off in the next station and go to general compartment"

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