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This is the big daddy of all explosives only next to a grenade.The silvery explosive mixture in a small 1.5 inch cuboidal carton is neatly tied with a sutali(Thick thread-usually green in color)uniformly wrapping the mixture in compact unit-colloquially called the head of thor's hammer in the greek mythology.(citation needed)
The result- when ignited,the dissonance this unit creates can send the soul of a Naughty Indian uncle to its creator.It can wipe out civilizations of red ants and other ill fated arthropods in the vicinity,the only turbulence which can raise goose bumps on your grandma sans her hearing aid,make your tommy wag his tail in vertical axis.
Dada bombs and Sivakasi prince are the famous brands.


Naughty Indian Uncle: Raju what you are doing with that essence stick and your index fingers in your ears?
*laughs hysterically


Naughty Indian uncle :O *dies on the spot

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