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Death on the spot, generally in an accident or fight.
Often 'Spot-out' is also used to mean that the subject of conversation died instantly, then and there.


Suddi Suri: " Le maga, gothaaythaa? Nenne saayankaala Check-Post thaava accidentalli moor jana spot anthey".
(Hey Sonny, did you know this? Yesterday evening three people got killed in an accident near the check post.)
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Targeted, in the crosshairs, in imminent danger of dying a violent death; typically used by the underworld to threaten someone.


The dentist probes intently inside Nitin's mouth. As he carefully holds the mouth mirror over the lower left gums, the phone rings. It automatically goes into answering machine mode.

Voice on the other end: Ey, Murthy. Chal bahut paisa kamaaya. Phone utha! (Mr. Murthy, you've been a rather high earner this year. I strongly advise you to pick up the phone.)

Dr. Murthy grabs the phone with his left hand. His right hand is still inside Nitin's mouth, who has closed it.

Voice: Spot hai tere pe, samjha. Chal 5 khokha bandobast kar. Baadme phone karega! (Would you be kind enough to arrange a total of Rs. 5 crore immediately? Or you are dead, bitch.)

Dr. Murthy freezes.

He unfreezes. His mouth mirror and Nitin are now both, missing.

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