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Andimuthu Raja, a.k.a Spectrum Raja is infamous for pulling off the worlds second largest scam (according to Time Magazine,Watergate is the only other scam of such absurd proportions). He cheated the gorement of $40 billion it simms. Now we won't get into the nuances of the scam. For that, take your soda buddi glasses and go hang out at Wikipedia. What we can tell you is that to pull of a scam is now called "doing a spectrum raja" or "don't be a spectrum raja". Used in jest to admonish someone who commits a minor transgression (eg. cheating in an exam) or to describe an egregious offense involving duplicity and cunning (eg. stealing sandalwood trees).


whacking pink tuck and hiding it in your chaddys is it?
You are on your way to becoming a spectrum raja
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