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Noun. June 29, 2011, Word of the Day


An online dictionary for all things desi, a veritable golden repository of poly-nation linguistic cross pollination, a place to laugh with bulging brains at a flat world.


Arun: "Dude I just got accepted to the New York Writers Guild and I think the hot girl from my writing workshop is totally into me!"
Vikram: "Aicchhhhh"
Arun: "Bless you"
Arvind: "Gube! If you dont know 'Aicchhhhh', look it up on Samosapedia!"
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The smell of victory and/or what happens when a samosa pees here, only.


Foreign return Idli: Youve been drinking a lot have you, you good for nothing native wog useless fellow?
Samosa: I need a toilet pliss.
Idli: No! Wait now! Keep your place
(Samosa grins madly to himself)
Idli: What is that smell? Smells victory.
Samosa: Samosapedia !
Idli: Oh ho I love the smell of Samosapedia in the morning
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Samosapedia is the definitive guide to South Asian lingo. Together, we’ll catalog and celebrate the rich, diverse and ever-evolving landscape of this region’s shared vernacular.

Whether you’re in India, Bangadesh, Pakistan, Trinidad, Queens or Uganda, or grew up near Brick Lane in London or the Bay Area, South Asian English is bindaas; Samosapedia is its home.


Some people are calling Samosapedia the South Asian Urban Dictionary.
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