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Euphemism for a troublesome, often painful assignment to a treacherous location.

A blacklisted location - known for all sorts of nefarious activities, all-round lawlessness, bordering on barbarism.

The phrase is used by individuals in government service. As a public sector employee, your life is completely in the hands of the bureaucracy. Throughout your career,you are variously "posted" to several locations as part of your job. Here, you are expected to conform to the moral and ethical standard set by your peers.

If you choose to indulge in an activity that is frowned upon by peers, it is likely that vindictive supervisors could take it upon themselves to transfer you to a new location. A ruthless supervisor will most certainly transfer you to a far-off place, with no electricity, water, mobile network, local telephone connection, infested by goondas for an inordinately long period.

Far away from civilization, family and most material comforts. such assignments are dreaded by government servants and act as a deterrent, so that they stay out of trouble.


"That Inspector Gaitonde... thinks too much of himself. I will send him to Bindaaswadi!"

"Arre, lets send him to Rascalpuram! Better punishment posting. I was there last year only, no? Got my gaand kicked."

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