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Noun. January 22, 2012, Word of the Day


What you call it when you have pull at Lawrence School Lovedale.

Pref allows you to have longer showers, get iced buns, get two pieces of chicken for dinner, not get ragged and much more.

Pref can be either you birth-right (because you have an older sister in class 12) or you can buy pref by bribing the canteen dudes.

Pref is non-exchangeable and is strictly a limited time offer.


Lawrence School boy 1- How did you get that bun, man?
Lawrence School boy 2- from the bakery.
Lawrence School boy 1- but we didn't have jam bun for tea today...
Lawrence School boy 2- yes I know, I have pref.
Added 2011-07-25 by Rowdy Rangamma