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a post modernist urban Indian or putting it more explicitly, an english speaking upper middle class highly educated post modernist who subscribes to moral relativism, intellectual fads of the moment and living off ones parents as long a possible. Not known for senses of humour and prone to fits of anger at both real and perceived injustices of the world. Their reactions and responses to the world define their inner selves which might quickly turn conservative, if their allowances were cut off.


POMO: Its so sick what America is doing to the world
POMO 2: Didnt your parents send you to study there and arent you trying to marry that new yorker investment banker chap ?
POMO1: well yes, but only because i think i can make a difference to both the country and that banker.
POMO2: So kind and giving of you! let me call for the driver and lets go to UB city. I hear the decor is wonderful.
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