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Now you have to use some imagination.

The word 'POLITE' is painted in red letters on a dark background on the front and back bumper plates of your light blue colored private Mahindra Jeep. You can also substitute the word 'POLITE' with 'PEACE'. Better make the painted words look a bit worn out.

You are ready. You are ready to deceive your self and some gullible junta into thinking that the jeep belongs to the 'POLICE'.

By this action you have made a statement. Or some statements:

-You are an anti-social and have connections to the gangs.
-You are having 'ACTUAL' connections with the police depaltment
-You get credit in wine stores and you get respect in the slums where you often do business.


Not only many small time politicians and Maaji members of representative bodies use the red beacon lights on top of their white ambys to give the false impression that they have still some power, gangsters and criminals use 'POLITE' or 'PEACE' signs on their jeeps to give a fake impression that they are law enforcement. It happens in Mera Bharath Mahaan!
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