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Most student's current, incurable psychological problems can all be traced back to this gentillman. Mathematical genius & author of 'Integrated Mathematics', our blighted Math text book for 3 solllid years in school. You take ICSE, then face O.P.Sinhal. Udherwise you should have koitly taken SSLC.

Im tempted to use samskruta. Aadrebutt. Since he is invaald in yeducation. & since he is shoorly the fother, husbend, son or breddar of somebodyordhiudher, I shall refrain from saying any badbad words for him.


Sister Archana: aa gayLs, keep koit. Waatees dha skoyar root of 1986456? *throwing chalkpiss at Jagruti to indicate that she is to have the honour of answering* You. Tell tell.
Jagruti: *without missing a beat* 1409.4169 Sister.
Sister Archana: *shock & awe* Shabash!! Coll the princippal!! Coll the medias!! We have spawned a geniyuss!! Endamme!!
Jagruti whispering to Yamini: Hehehe, looj lady she is!! Even O.P.Sinhal isnt that much of a genius! For what my unkal gifted me one Casio calculator from Dubai??!!
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