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Abbreviation. January 21, 2014, Word of the Day


Namo is short for Narendra Modi. In India, politicians act like demi-gods and so its no surprise that Namo comes from the same Sanskrit root as “Namaste" and means “homage” or "bowing to."

Unclear how this moniker came about it. Was it his god-fearing acolytes who revere him so much that they gave him this name? Was it a brilliant marketing ploy on his part (see Modi Kurta) to seem godly? Was it his efforts to embrace the social web as an up and coming mouse charmer? (#namo way cooler than #narendramodi). We will never know...


"NaMo's rising international graph: Swiss, Canadian envoys meet Modi"

"Narendra Modi reveals NaMo mantras at India Today Conclave, says he has the ideas to bring about change"

"Unstoppable NaMo stops all detractors in their tracks"

"From Om NaMo Shivay to the Modi Mantra - Redefining India!"

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