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A commitment of the utmost seriousness. Be warned that you are making a promise that puts your own mothers health and/or very life at risk. Do not use lightly.


A: "Ey, you'll come for my fancy dress party no?"
B: "Mother promise!"
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mother promise

\mother promise\
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Phrase uttered (or extracted from another) to assert sincerity.

Similar to "I swear on my mothers wasn't me" that villains from spaghetti westerns, aver before they are shot by Clint Eastwood (or similar).

Child-like in utterance, and (apparently the) highest proof of credibility one can offer as if wrong (or false) something bad is expected to occur the aforementioned mother.


Ramesh: I luv you, da.
Anu: Mother Promise?
Ramesh: Mother Promise.
Added 2012-02-24 by Silly Billy
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