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"Monkey Pedaling" is how eng bais ride bicycles early on when learning how to ride. The process is as much science as art since the bike is far too tall and probably weighs more than the boy and it is a pretty tricky maneuver to jog alongside the moving bike, tilt the bike, step on one pedal and then very quickly slide your legs through the v-frame to the other pedal - all without over-balancing or crashing...

One variation is the "half monkey pedal" where said eng bai is too puski to complete a full revolution and simbly oscillates the pedal back and forth to get enough forward momentum

Why monkey pedal? probably because the entire operation looks like a circus act by a monkey..Anyways, we asked Jane Goodall and she said she had never seen any monkey ride a bicycle let alone do all these gymnastics...


Eng Revi: Appa, I also want a nice BSA SLR like Mogan
Dad: Why can't you use our Hercules bicycle? Why do you need a new one?
Eng Revi: Because I look stupid doing Monkey Pedal like one Circus Korangu
Dad: Go and drink Complan and grow tall. Then you don't need to do monkey pedal
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