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Adverb. November 9, 2011, Word of the Day


TV Soap Operas or Tele-Novelas - The ultimate expression of WALTO.
Actually, basically it is a Saas-Bahu struggle writ large on the small screen, and what and all they do - poison, murder, kidnap, black magic, out stare each other with awesomely ominous music playing in the background..actually, come to think of it , they mostly spend their time staring in shock and disappointment, there is in fact so much footage of shocked stares, that you might think they use a still camera instead of a film camera...removal of all shocked stares will reduce a mega-serial to a micro-mini-serial of 1 episode


Macha, that Revi's family I say.. lau marriage lau failure die-vorce..even mega serials don't have this much drama
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