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Actually it is not an acronym in Karnataka. Government clerks say 'Elgibity' for Eligibility. Paying a bribe brings in that much-coveted eligibility to the case, like acquiring a new caste, changed date of birth, a degree certificate from a non-existing University, homeless status for a Lakhpathi or a karorepathi, freedom-fighter status for a 45 year old man{ by the way, why not bugger? He might have fought the freedoms of other people. Do you think a fire-fighter fights FOR fire. Nah, he fights against fire!}

In the US of A, people who find themselves entirely with no eligibility to find or be a suitable match among the opposite sex for absolutely natural reasons like organ dysfunction, Bobbitization( add Catherinization too if after chopping off the thingy is thrown into the garbae disposer in the sink ) lack of housing, bad credit rating, pot, potbelly, parole, and casinos and finally because it is cool, turn to LGBT.

Everyone has Eligibility to LGBT. B in it is the wolf in sheeps...


Clerk: Come on in saar, when you came in the other day I did not note the note(currency) kept inside the file. misteek happen.saar. Now you have complete 'elgibity' for building another floor on your neighbor's house saar.
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