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\Khut-Mull (the Kh as in Khan - from the Epiglotis).\
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POLICEMEN in Hyderabadi.
Literal meaning is BED BUG.

Used as Katmal (singular) or Katmala (plural)

This was an affectionate term to describe police constables, traffic police, beat constables who used to hang out near and hassle people at various crossroads and traffic lights while humbly collecting funds for lunch (small amounts) or for daughters dowry (larger amounts collected from commercial accounts such as overloaded lorries, shopkeepers and tourist buses etc).

Older Katmals looked unusually well fed and sprouted big pot bellies within a few months on duty. The extra prosperous Khatmals also procured fake Ray Ban sunglasses so their victims rarely saw the twinkle in their eyes while they collected !


Two katmala hai chourasthe pe!
(Two bed bugs are standing at the crossroads)
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