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Another name for Benaras (Varanasi), a holy town on the banks of the river Ganga. All thathas and paatis in our great land yearn to go to Kashi on a pilgrimage atleast once in their lifetime. If you take a dip in that dirty Ganga water where everybody does kakoos (number 2) and ucche (number 1), then all your sins will be washed off it simms.

It kind of makes sense because if one is willing to immerse oneself into the world's largest sewer out of their own volition, then it can be safely assumed that they repent for whatever they may have done. So God is happy and holds no further grudges.


Paati : Yenenga, we should go to Kashi Rameshwaram soon.

Thatha : First you go to kitchen and bring me my kaapi, then we'll see.

Added 2011-10-11 by Thikka Kobbu