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Pigeon. Ertswhile popular carrier of lau messages in corny Hindi movies.

In a time before internet and e-mail, these pigeons (only the white ones were deemed fit for use in the romantic sense) were the only way that estranged doorlings and engsters in lau on the cinescreen could keep in touch with each other. Any break in communication could lead to bitter tears and lau failure of the worst kind. These birds have long since retired from the Hindi movie industry, thanks entirely in part to the advent of e-mail and social networking sites.

One pure white, excessively feathery specimen recently made a four-minute comeback as the lead in the famous song 'Masakalli', perched atop a dancing girl's head.


Cloying song from 80's film :

Kabootar, jaa jaa jaa
Kabootar, jaa jaa jaa
Pehle pyaar ki pehli chitthi
Saajan ko de aa!

Translation :

Pigeon, go go go
Pigeon, go go go
First letter of first lau
Go give to my doorling!

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