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If you are a Gora and you land up in a city like Bangalore stuck in an auto or on the back of a yezdi in the sweltering summer heat and you see a sign that says Horn Ok Please on the back of a truck and adjust your soda glasses to make sure you are not halucinating and notice that its painted on each and yevry truck....and your mind boggles with a thousand questions...

No worry macha..Samospedia to the rescue. Logonathan puts on his SuperLingo hero costume and appears magically to give you this dialogue:

Chillax Man. Basically there are four explanations:

Explanation 1. Kerosene theory: According to this theory, during the second world war, all trucks ran on kerosene and hence ran the risk of exploding if you came from the backside and tried touching them with your stupid amby. "Horn Please On Kerosene" was supposed to serve as a deterrent to bombaat rajas that came too close. Hot Bhabhis sometimes wish they had this sign painted on their head to prevent horny hulos fellows and loafers from futile attempts at putting kai

Explanation 2. TATA Theory: Because most trucks in India are owned by TATA, this theory holds that die-hard enthu cutlet TATA fans and TATA groupies started painting TATA on their trucks. TATA also means "goodbye." The original sign was OK Tata which then became Horn Ok Please (make a mental leap you mental fellow Gora!)

Explanation 3: Evil Marketing Theory
Appparently TATA launched a detergent powder called OK with a lotus symbol that they put on the back of trucks that already had the "horn please"sign on them. This became Horn Ok Please.

Explanation 4. Thatandoldonask which means just go quietly and don't be such an curious cat.

If you are still baffled then just remember, we two ours one hommie. Piss be with you.


What man duffer trying to overtake on the left ah? Are you blind or what bleddy bugger can't see Horn Ok Please sign or what child?
Added 2011-07-09 by Dishoom Dishoom

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In western countries, the huge lorries have a red light on the back with OK inscribed on it along with the sign "Horn Please". A vehicle wanting to pass this lorry is required to honk. If the passing route is clear, the driver of the lorry gives the OK light.

Hence its
|-----------------|OK |-----------------|


Horn OK Please
Added 2011-07-16 by Farid

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I was told that since originally all roads were 2 lanes (or less) there was a light built into the middle of the back bumper of trucks, the Driver would flash the light if there was room for a car behind to overtake. Therefore "Horn Ok Please" is to be read as "Horn Please" so the driver knows your back there and the light coincided with the "Ok" which meant when light flashes it is "Ok" to overtake... Since the introduction of roads with 3 or more lanes the sign is now redundant and the light has been discontinued, yet the signage lives on.


Hawran if your hawrany...
Added 2011-07-18 by Samosa_Pao
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