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Halloo another word coming out of the book alley of Calcutta which actually is used as a short from of the word Hallucinate .

The term halloo is often used to described an individual state of hallucination or Ecstasy . It can also be used to describe an out of body expiration . It can also be used to
accentuate the trippiness of a commodity or a movie or an entity . As the urban legend goes the the communistbearded tea sipping quo vadis chappal and thik rimmed glasses wearing coffee drinking weed smoking intellectual community of calcutta first coined this term . Since the word has plenty of diverse uses .


Oreyy Pota That weed was seriously Halloo boss !

I am so halloo right now Topesh .

Fear and loathing arrrey that halloo movie with depp dada in it yes yes !!

That guy is seriously halloo boss !

So halloo so halloo i was you wont believe it !

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