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"Gora" is a Hindi adjective that means "fair," as in having light skin. The word has morphed into a noun that means, literally, "fair one," as in a person with white skin--a Caucasian.

The feminine form is "gori."


Look at Sowjanya! Went to Atlanta, married a gora, and is nicely enjoying.

That shop jacks up the prices because it's mostly goras who go there.

Added 2011-07-03 by whattaygarl

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Although the word distinctly means "yellowish", it is sometimes used informally to include any light-skinned person, whether light-brown, yellow or even white. In place names that date back to the colonial era - there are a number of graveyards in Pakistan such as the Gora Qabristan (the lighter-skinned graveyard) in Peshawar, the Gora Kabrastan in Karachi, as well as one in Chillianwala, the site of a famous battle involving the British East India Company.

According to the Natyasastra, an Indian text, the term refers to "yellowish-reddish." Because of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's explicitly yellow skin, he was termed Gauranga.


Goa used to be nice idyllic place to chill. No its overrun by goras from all over the world. The raving gora's are the worst.
Added 2011-06-25 by Dishoom Dishoom
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