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A group of people who've come together to support, protect and serve their favourite movie star.

Especially in South India, film stars attain near-divine status. Fans often perform poojas on the date of the film release, and celebrate the appearance of their stars in a new incarnation. These fan clubs are well-funded and do their best to ensure the success of these films. In many cases, they might disrupt the release of a rival star's film. In the case of huge stars like Rajnikanth, Chiranjeevi and NTR, fan clubs prepare themselves in more elaborate ways, with tailor-made costumes, "dialogue" and song competitions, all sorts of spectacular gatherings - the release is nothing less than a festive occasion.

Clashes between rival fan clubs' can be lethal.


"First Prize - Annaleela Samson - Sponsored by Vijaykanth Fan Club!"

"I am Thalaiva's fan club, macha! Never fear!"

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