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As a young adult, you probably passed a couple of entrance exams to get in to a course or college. Infamous entrance exams include that one for the IITs, or the IIMs, of India.

But I bet you, you almost always failed this: the regular entrance exams you were put through by parents on nights when you reach home at odd hours(Devva keyyo hoththu).

The process begins as soon as you park your bike and stagger as erect as you can into the house.

1.They do a basic visual round of inspection to see if all your limbs are intact, your pants not torn, you haven't ridden home in someone else' bike.

2. Sniff test by sisters or mother. (Father won't bother about this routine. He knows what your score is even before you came home. He exceptionally knows himself and his son.)

3. Mother tests for your sobriety by trying to get you to eat your dinner. She wants you to eat. She wants to really know if can handle any food at all.

4. Your brother inspects the bike, may be because you both share it, for scratches and dents. He can't take the blame for your faults.

5. Father talks to you in a casual tone, and talks in a low voice too, just to check if your auditory perception is impaired by your over-indulgence and if you are capable of any sensible speech. He is primarily looking for any role a new 'substance' might have had on your present 'avtaar'.

5. Finally lying down, you will do a few self tests:

-trying to remember whether you flushed the toilet before use or after use.
-your ability to to count money-if any was left in your purse after that night's jaunt.
-your financial resourcefulness for the next day.


" If as a student, you regularly failed almost every nightly entrance exams at home, you are probably a successful samosapedian today!"
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