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Dalit, also called Outcaste, is a self-designation for a group of people traditionally regarded as of Untouchables. Dalits are a mixed population of numerous caste groups all over South Asia, and speak various languages.
Since Indian independence, significant steps have been taken to provide opportunities in jobs and education. Many social organizations have encouraged proactive provisions to better the conditions of Dalits through improved education, health and employment.

There are many different names proposed for defining this group of people like 'Panchamas' (5th varna), 'Ashprush' (untouchables), 'Harijans' (Children of God), 'Dalits' (Broken People) etc. The constitution of India recognizes them as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. M.K. Gandhi used the name Harijan to define untouchables but it was denied and banned by the government of India.


Arun: I come from good tambrahm stock and want to put with dalit to make up for years of oppression and caste exploitation.
Sarvamangala: Would the dalit want to put with you?
Arun: Why not? I put well and my driver needs a little extra cash.
Sarvamangala: Aicchhhhh
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