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DakshiNaa, DakshiNey

\N is like N in baNd.\
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Praise the Lord and please the Lord. Prove that you do. How?
Offer DakshiNaa to the Lord's trainer, manager, agent, and sometimes owner: the priest. The more DakshiNaa you offer the more pleased the Lord is.

If you are stingy today, put the folded up onner on the platter with both your hands covering up the not-so-generous act. If on the other hand you are feeling a little generous, show it off full fully, make noises, exchange pleasantries, look around and smile familiarly at everyone in view.

When you have no choice of deciding how much; because you are pleasing the Lord on a private religious occasion, try to choose from the available payment plans.


Devotee Deven whispering to wife: " Hey Uma, let's put only two bucks on the Aarti plate, they have made only lemon rice for prashaad today."
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