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a play of words on the name of one of India's freedom fighters, Dadabhai Nawrojee.
In this context signifies a relationship between a man & a woman who seem close enough in public eye but claim to be just friends or 'rakhi' brother-sister. Dadabhai (as in elder brother ) Nawrojee (navra is husband in Marathi and Navro-ji is colloquial take on it).
Is a play of words on the duality of the name and its implied meaning in Marathi.


Pada: Ahem, so is that Sarojini your maal?
Dada: Shut up yaar, she is my sister. She ties me rakhi every year.
Pada (winking): Aich, Dadabhai Nowrojee? I saw her hold you tight on the bike.
Dada punches Pada in the nose.
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