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Definitely not your best friend, most likely not even a friend or an acquaintance, a close friend is "close"
a) either because you need to ask some favor from a third party on this someone's behalf (of course, by Indian law, your close friend now becomes the third party's close friend with all the attendant obligations)
b) or you claim you know some celebrity that you met once at the airport. (in this case make sure that the celebrity is pretty minor so that folks do not take the trouble to remember and verify your claim)


Engle(in Letter):
Dear whomsover it may concern
Please find attached to this letter my close friend's son. he is B Com (3rd Yr Fail). Kindly do the needful

Revi: You know Amit Pal. he is my close friend
Mogan: Amit Pal? The guy who played Kaurava brother #55 in the Mahabharat? Wow, simbly too much yaar

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