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Those helpful little pieces of paper.

You can write a tricky formula on it.
You can write an answer that you know you can't mug up.
You can even write a full chapter.

But you have to be super cautious.
Teachers, professors all will be watching you.
And, if you get caught, nobody will be able to stop you from getting debarred.
And, most importantly Anna may not like you at all.

Simply put, Chothas are those small pieces of paper what you use as external memories in exam hall. Boring people may call the whole act cheating.
But, you know how fun it is. Right?


Kochu: Shit. Mr Purkayastho will be the guard in Fluid Mechanics exam.
Panchu: Why are you getting worried? You have got your Chotha. Right?
Kochu: Are stupid, you don't know. Purkayastho was the Chotha-master in his college days. It's difficult to fool him.
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