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What you thought doorlings? On hearing of it, Silk Smitha would shriek "illlaii!! Do naat insult pannade da kurangumoonjingala!! I am 'D' cup!!" Or you think so Page 3 Paarijatha will simper "Sheesh, no dahling! Im a 'B' you knowwe! Just looks like a 'C' from afah!" ??

Aan? That only you thought, yessor no??

Anyway it is not all suchh dirtydirty things.

'Ceebra' is Malayalam for ZEBRA. Iseddd for. Striped animull. Size of dongey, beauty of hozhse. Hozhse also you dont know? Kuthira man, kuthira!

Okay I cant be on explaining full night, its zebra, goat it?


Mr. Tyson: Shakeela, come we will gaw to the soo. There vill be ceebras.
Shakeela chechi (Tyson's main dau): Soo? Ceebra? Endamme!! Are you insuLting me biccose I didind put molagu in the chickyen curry Tysaa?? Kollenne! Kolle!! ("kill me! kill me!!) I am lukking Ceebra to yuarr maththanga kannu?? Nge? Bring me a rope! I will hayng & die!
Mr. Tyson: Ha! Ha! Ha! Naw naw, Shaku, whaattaii meaneess 'ceebra'....'CEEBRAA'! BLaayck & white lines it haas naw? Mrigam? In the jungLe? Nawwaydays in the soo oLeso ittiss living, paavam?
Madhumidha (pooar martyred wife of Mr. Tyson) walking in on the scene: aaanhaan! Ceebra you are buyying harr aa? For me tilltudaye you didnt buy wuNN nylex jetti oLeso!! Oho! *beeeting Tyson likeanydhing* Take this! & this! & this oLeso!
Shakeela chechi: Endamme!! EvverywuNNoafdhum is praandu!!
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