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Nobody will think youre one Thames thikka. At dhi same time you are speaking Yinglees.

All youre saying is 'bucket'.


Ponnuchamy: yennaadee, jesst ippo dhaa I gaadown from Tirchirapalli night bus and came, you have no common courtesy to keep it one buggeett thanni under the sump for my baathing parrpuss aa??
Manasasarovari *tucking saree aggressively at waist and readying for fight* aamaaan da dai, buggeet vere vekkire un moonjikku!! Kepted one chinnaveedu with that @$*%*#$ Kanakambaram & thought I wont know enything aa?? This Manasa has kannu-kaathu yawwrywhere!! *breaking off iron handle of buggeett & kolting Ponnuchamy on the nut with it*
Ponnuchamy: Ayyo! Ayyowww!!
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