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Bhallay Bhallay

\bha-lay bha-lay\
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a phrase of genuine appreciation.
like saying Wow Wow....
a similar sounding Punjabi phrase balle balle with the softer 'b' is celebratory.
that my dears is the difference!


Grand-daughter to Grandfather : Thaathayya cinema ela undi?
(how is the film?)
Grandfather to Grand-daughter:Abbebbebbebe...tcha...tcha
(tsk tsk ugh, yuck, awful!)
Grand-daughter evidently disappointed : avuna? ayiyyo!
(is that so, how sad :( )
Grandfather : Mayabazaar, adi film ante! Bhalay Bhalay!
(Mayabazaar, now that is an excellent film, wow wow!!)
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