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Bhai(not the gangster variety). Brother(not the blood relation variety). Bhaiya(not the UP-Bihar variety). Boss(not the employer variety)
Anyone and everyone who is not ladice and is walking on street or sitting across you in a bhatsuar or eating poha-jalebi for breakfast or (the list can go on) can be referred to as Bhiya.
If calling someone standing far off, Bhiya can become Bhiyo.


Arrey bhiya woh Hiren aaj pese leke aane wala tha na? Pata nai kahan atak gaya bhiya yaar.

(Arrey bhiya, that Hiren today was supposed to come over and bring the money, no? Don't know where that bhiya has gone...)

O bhiyo! Jara aage badh jao! Aur sawari bethegi abhi.

(O bhiyo! Go a little bit in front. More riders will sit now...)

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