The definitive guide to South Asian lingo


stopjob Noun.
stop licking my brain Exclamation.
store Noun.
STP Abbreviation.
Straight Noun.
Straightly Adjective.
Strawwery ponne Adjective.
stray Phrase.
Stream Noun.
Stress Bucket Phrase.
stroke Noun.
struck Verb.
Structure Noun.
ST (Scheduled Tribe) Abbreviation.
Studdu Noun.
Studmuffin Noun.
Stutter Noun.
Style poochi Adjective.
Style Rani Noun.
Stylis Adjective.
Su ar Noun.
Sub-caste Noun.
subsi Noun.
suckath Adjective.
Suckoo Adverb.
suddallaagi Adjective.
suddenly Adverb.
sudd suddenly Exclamation.
sueet Adjective.
Sugar Adjective.
Suicided Verb.
suitboot Verb.
Sujuki Noun.
Sukhe Raag Noun.
Sukhi Dandi Adjective.
Sukka Adjective.
sulli Noun.
Sulpa Adverb.
sulphata Noun.
sulta de Verb.
sumne Exclamation.
sums Noun.
sumsssayy Noun.
supari Verb.
super Adjective.
super figure Adverb.
superhit Noun.
Superstar Noun.
Super Star Noun.
Suppandi Noun.
Suppli Noun.
Support Noun.
suprise test Phrase.
SUPW Abbreviation.
Surd Noun.
surdling Noun.
Surf Noun.
Suringified Adjective.
Surkal Noun.
Surname Noun.
Surti Phrase.
suryange torcha Exclamation.
sussu Noun.
susth Adjective.
susu Noun.
Suth Verb.
suthi Adjective.
suthu Noun.
sutta Noun.
sutthi Adjective.
suttufy Verb.
Svelte Adjective.
swalpa adjust maadi Exclamation.
Swedish Noun.
Sweet Dish Noun.
Sweet Meats Phrase.
Sweety Noun.
Swish set Phrase.
Switch Noun.