The definitive guide to South Asian lingo


sigri Noun.
Sikkapatte Adjective.
Silent sink Phrase.
Silky Adjective.
silly billy Phrase.
Silly Fellow Adjective.
silly powder Phrase.
silumishum Noun.
simbly Adverb.
Simply Phrase.
simply don't say Exclamation.
simp simply Exclamation.
Since from Phrase.
sincere Adverb.
sincere sigamani Adjective.
sindhur Noun.
singal Noun.
single rule Phrase.
sinkesh Adverb.
Sintex Noun.
Sipsay Noun.
sip up Noun.
sir-ji Noun.
Sirtitubation Phrase.
sishty Noun.
sister Noun.
sistrreyy Noun.
Siva poojai la karadi Exclamation.
Sivasiva Exclamation.
Siva-siva Exclamation.
Six and Out Phrase.
Sizzler Noun.
SKC Abbreviation.
Skele Noun.
Skelt Adjective.
sketch Verb.
sketchpen Noun.
skin out Noun.
Skyurtee Noun.
Slaad Noun.
sledging Phrase.
slee Adjective.
Sleeveless Noun.
slim and trim Adjective.
Slipper Verb.
slog Verb.
Slow Dance Noun.
slow draw Phrase.
Sluttle Adjective.
SLV Abbreviation.
Small Abbreviation.
small house Phrase.
Small Small Adjective.
smarl Noun.
smart Adjective.
smash hit Adjective.
Smt. Abbreviation.
snake Noun.
snake bar Phrase.
snakes Noun.
Snap Noun.
sneak Verb.
Sneaker Adjective.
SNM Noun.
Snooker Noun.
snow Noun.
sober Adjective.
SoBo Noun.
Social Noun.
Society Noun.
soda buddi Phrase.
sodabutti Noun.
soda glasses Adjective.
sodhi gaadu Adjective.
sofa cum bed Phrase.
sofasadhu Adjective.
sofa sadhu Noun.
softwares Noun.
sohni Noun.
Sojji Bajji Phrase.
sola boori Noun.
SOLD OUT Phrase.
Sole Noun.