The definitive guide to South Asian lingo


s Exclamation.
saab Noun.
Saada Adjective.
Saadey Saath Adjective.
saakadai Noun.
Saakhli Noun.
Saala Noun.
saaman Noun.
Saand Noun.
Saani Noun.
Saapad Noun.
Saar Noun.
Saari Ra Phrase.
saastha tikau Phrase.
Saavu giraaki Phrase.
saavugrakhi Exclamation.
sabaash Exclamation.
sabha Noun.
Sabu Noun.
sachi muchi Exclamation.
sada dosai Phrase.
Sadak Chaap Adjective.
Sadak Chap Noun.
sadda Phrase.
Saddi Noun.
sadoo Adjective.
Sadya Noun.
Safety Pin Noun.
Sahebru Noun.
Sahi Exclamation.
Sahi bola Phrase.
Sait Adverb.
sakapsob Noun.
sakath Adjective.
Saket Noun.
Sakharam Noun.
Sakkath Exclamation.
Sakke Adjective.
salaad Noun.
Sallu Noun.
saloon Noun.
salt-uppu Noun.
samathu Adjective.
sambahandi Noun.
sambar Noun.
Sambar! Noun.
sambrani Exclamation.
Same pinch Phrase.
same same Phrase.
Same to me Phrase.
same to same Adjective.
Same to you Phrase.
sami Noun.
Samjhao Verb.
samjhee Verb.
samma figure Adjective.
Samodebris Noun.
samosa Noun.
Samosite Adjective.
Sample Noun.
Sams Noun.
Samsa Noun.
Samskruta Noun.
SanDaas Noun.
Sandalwood Noun.
Sanga Noun.
sangu Noun.
Saniyan Adjective.
sankhi phir gaya Exclamation.
San Naps Noun.
sannas Noun.
Sapaat Verb.
sapatraman Noun.
Sappa Adjective.
Sappa figure Adjective.
sarakku Noun.
Sarcy Abbreviation.
sardarji Noun.
sardar jokes Phrase.
Saree Noun.
sarkari Adjective.
Sasi Adjective.
satkela Adjective.
Sat Sri Akal Phrase.
Satt Noun.
savaal Exclamation.
savu-graki Exclamation.
Sax Noun.
Say Exclamation.
Say! Exclamation.
Sayippu Noun.
SC Abbreviation.
scale Noun.
Scale game Noun.
scary Adjective.
Scene Exclamation.
scene contra Exclamation.
Scent Noun.
Schchoo! Noun.
Scholar Noun.
scissors Noun.
Scoot Verb.
scooter Noun.
scooty Noun.
Scope Noun.
Scope raja Adjective.
Scrap Noun.
scratching Verb.
screen print Phrase.
screw loose Adverb.
SCST Abbreviation.
Seal Pack Noun.
Searocks Noun.
second flower Adverb.
seedha saada Adjective.
Seemins Phrase.
Seenu Noun.
see-saw Phrase.
see the fun Phrase.
Seez Noun.
Self Dabba Adverb.
self goal Phrase.
Self-LPW Verb.
self-styled Adjective.