The definitive guide to South Asian lingo


oatta vaai Adjective.
OB Adjective.
Objection Milaard! Exclamation.
Oblibolly Noun.
oblique Noun.
Obvio Abbreviation.
OC Abbreviation.
odhavakare Noun.
odia Noun.
Odissi Noun.
odiya Noun.
Odomos Noun.
OEP Abbreviation.
Off Adverb.
offed Verb.
Off it Phrase.
off it of Phrase.
Offo! Exclamation.
Oh Fish! Phrase.
Oh ho Phrase.
Oho Exclamation.
OHT Abbreviation.
Oil Bath Noun.
Ok ok Phrase.
ok ok only Exclamation.
OKva? Exclamation.
ok-va Phrase.
old is gold Phrase.
Old Monk Noun.
old spice Noun.
Olu Exclamation.