The definitive guide to South Asian lingo


haua Noun.
Haula Adjective.
hauw Verb.
have you got gas? Exclamation.
Having Verb.
havoc Phrase.
Haw Exclamation.
hawa Abbreviation.
Hawa aane de Phrase.
Hawaa karna Phrase.
Hawa khana Verb.
hawas Noun.
Hawa tight Phrase.
Hawji Ka Pawji Exclamation.
Haye bhagwaan! Exclamation.
haye haye Phrase.
Hazaar Adjective.
hazaar baar Adjective.
HCF Abbreviation.
Head Verb.
Headbath Verb.
Head Bath Phrase.
head boy Noun.
head cold Noun.
headdon-heels Adjective.
Head girl Noun.
Head-going Adverb.
Headlights Noun.
head-long Adjective.
head reel Noun.
Headweight Adjective.
head weight Adjective.
healthy Adjective.
heartfail Verb.
hearty Adjective.
heater Noun.