The definitive guide to South Asian lingo


H1B Abbreviation.
H1N1 Abbreviation.
haalthy Adjective.
Haanji Exclamation.
Haan, yes Phrase.
Haath Adjective.
haath giver Adjective.
haavayuu Phrase.
Habba Exclamation.
habits Phrase.
habshi Noun.
Had Verb.
haddich Verb.
Haebby Adjective.
Haffiness Noun.
hafta Phrase.
Hai Exclamation.
Hai ki nahi Phrase.
Hailing Verb.
hair is gone! Phrase.
Hairs Noun.
hajaar Adjective.
hajjam Noun.
hakim Noun.
halaagi hogu Phrase.
half-af Phrase.
half cut Noun.
half kattu Noun.
Half mad Adjective.
Half-murder Adjective.
Half pant Noun.
Half Saree Noun.
half-sari Noun.
half widow Noun.
halke Adjective.
Hallaaaaaaaaa Exclamation.
Halloo Adjective.
hall pass Noun.
hallu Adverb.
Hamara Bajaj Phrase.
hando Adjective.
Hand Practice Phrase.
Handred Noun.
hands Exclamation.
Hands up Exclamation.
Handwash Noun.
hanky Noun.
hanky panky Phrase.
happie budday Exclamation.
happy-go-lucky Adjective.
Happy Onam! Phrase.
harami Noun.
haramzada Noun.
Hard Diks. Verb.
Harikathe Noun.
Harischandra Adjective.
harrow Verb.
hartal Noun.
harte Noun.
hasi to phasi Phrase.
Hat gaya Phrase.
Hatke Adjective.
haua Noun.
Haula Adjective.
hauw Verb.
have you got gas? Exclamation.
Having Verb.
havoc Phrase.
Haw Exclamation.
hawa Abbreviation.
Hawa aane de Phrase.
Hawaa karna Phrase.
Hawa khana Verb.
hawas Noun.
Hawa tight Phrase.
Hawji Ka Pawji Exclamation.
Haye bhagwaan! Exclamation.
haye haye Phrase.
Hazaar Adjective.
hazaar baar Adjective.
HCF Abbreviation.
Head Verb.
Headbath Verb.
Head Bath Phrase.
head boy Noun.
head cold Noun.
headdon-heels Adjective.
Head girl Noun.
Head-going Adverb.
Headlights Noun.
head-long Adjective.
head reel Noun.
Headweight Adjective.
head weight Adjective.
healthy Adjective.
heartfail Verb.
hearty Adjective.
heater Noun.
heaty Adjective.
Heavy Adverb.
heavy scene! Exclamation.
Hebbie Noun.
height and weight Adjective.
Heighted Adjective.
Height Order Phrase.
Heights Phrase.
Helipad Noun.
hello! Exclamation.
Helmet Noun.
Hep Adjective.
Heppy Burday Phrase.
hero Noun.
Hero Complex Phrase.
hero honda Phrase.
Heroism Noun.
hey bhagwan Exclamation.
Hey bhagwan! Phrase.
hifi Adjective.
high brown Adjective.
high class Adjective.
High funda Adjective.
hijra Noun.
Hila Diya Phrase.
himbo Noun.
Him Queen Noun.
Hindian Noun.
Hindie Adjective.
Hindooboy Noun.
Hing Noun.
hinglish Noun.
hinjew Noun.
hire cycle Noun.
Hit a place Phrase.